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From: Max
Subject: Fatherly Bonds - 1I've had a sexual relationship with my Dad since I was sixteen. It was
something I had wanted for a long time, but since we started fooling
around, he's been very generous and loving, but also I think my Dad is the
hottest sex partner I've ever had. He's my lover, my Dad, my teacher, my
play buddy, and my best friend. I know some people think it's wrong, and
maybe for some people it would be, but for me it seems like the greatest
thing in the world.My parents separated soon after I was born, so I grew up being shuffled
between two households with my sister, who is three years older than I
am. My Mom married a guy who had two girls, and they also got shuffled
around. My stepdad was a salesman, and was on the road a lot, so there
wasn't a whole lot of stability in that house. You never knew who would be
gone. free lolita pedo pics Mom was the only constant there.It's no secret that my real Dad is gay. It took some experimenting, but I
finally decided I am too. I really dig being sexual with guys, though I had
a girlfriend for awhile when I was about 12. She'd jack me off and I once
got her to suck my cock, but she never let me put it in her. I had guy
friends who I did pretty much the same things with, too. Except they'd let
me fuck them. I guess I started having sex pretty early.My Mom was cool about everything, and I grew up with very open and loving
parents on both sides who I could always talk to, so long as we happened to
be alone together in the same place at the same time, which was almost
never.My sisters got on my nerves and acted superior to me all the time, but I
had some boy friends and we played around and experimented lolita preteen model lesbian
a little bit
when I was in grade school. We'd have sleepovers at my Mom's house, and we
usually got naked. My friend Stewart liked to show me his butthole and look
at mine too. Another friend Dean would shake his hips lolita pre teen sex
and make his dick
flop around, then we'd all start doing it and laughing. Once when everyone
was asleep, a bunch of us ran around the house in the dark naked, and it
made us all get hard. My stepdad caught us, but he was cool about the whole
thing and told us to just not make too much noise. He was a funny guy, too,
and said sarcastically, "...and don't pee on the rug, either!" They all
thought he was serious.I got pretty excited standing there with a hardon in front of him. My
friends were kind of covering themselves, but I felt pretty bold and just
stood there going, "Uh-huh, sure Dave, thanks" with my dick sticking up at
him. Anyone who thinks that boys don't have sexual feelings must have never
been one.As I got older I became sort of a hell-raiser. I got in a lot of trouble,
and was kind of a bully at school. I feel bad about that now, and I think
it was just because I was always being traded back and forth between my
parents. There was no kind of home life that I felt settled in. My sister
and I would spend every other lolitas cute tiny angels weekend at my Dad's house, and I never liked
it when we had to leave, because I always felt like it was never enough
time with him. He'd go to school functions and all that, and he always told
me he wished things could be different, but that this was just the way it
had to be. So I guess I was kind of acting out, and I think that became
obvious to them after I got picked up a couple of times by the police for
smoking pot and drinking.When I was 15, my stepdad landed a job in Oregon, and that meant that he
wouldn't have to be on the road any more, but also that I had to decide
whether to go with them or stay with Dad, and it wasn't all that hard of a
choice. My sister was going to be going to college in Florida, which made
me really happy, because it meant that I would have Dad all to myself. I
could have one home to live in for awhile.Once Mom and David were gone and I had moved in nude lolita gallery free with Dad we got along
really well, and I kind of gave up my mean streak. I was just so glad to
feel like I had a place to live that wasn't going to be taken away. I was
growing up and the feelings of change and maturity in myself are still
something I look back on fondly. I felt like I was becoming a man, and I
was also growing closer to my father.Dad was always so open with me, and he began to reveal certain things about
his life that kind of blew me away. It turns out that my Mom and Dad had
both run a workshop when they were married, with another group of people,
and it was all about bondage and stuff like that. I couldn't believe
it. Dad told me that it wasn't at all like S&M or hardcore pain, but, as he
explained it, about taking people to places they'd never explored, with
caring and sensitivity by the people who were in charge. He said that for
many people there was a kind of spiritual or emotional release that came
from being bound while they got stimulated sexually.I became really intrigued by this information, but Dad was always a little
reluctant to answer my questions with too many details. I'd ask things
like, "So does that mean you'd like be hard and shit in front of other
people?" and he'd just say, "Sometimes...""Did you, like, fuck them or anything?" I'd ask."No."My mind became consumed with questions, but it seemed difficult to get many
answers that would satisfy my insatiably curious libido. I had had sexual
thoughts about my Dad since I was very young, and with time and
opportunity, I grew to really desire a sexual relationship with him.Dad is a very nice looking guy, tall, with kind of a long neck and receding
sun-bleached hair. Nice firm ass, hairy chest and stomach, full dark bush,
great cock (cut, with a P.A.) and big, low-hanging balls that he keeps
shaved. Sometimes he wears a metal ball stretcher, which I think lolita preteen model lesbian is
cool. His nipples are pierced, too. He keeps himself in good shape, and
occasionally he'd take me to his gym, where I could swim, but I've never
really been into working out like he is. I do some weight lifting at home,
just to keep toned, but my body's pretty lean and I guess maybe as I get
older I might need to spend more time on it, but right now (I'm 23) I think
I look pretty good. So anyway, it wasn't unusual for me to see him
naked. When I was really young he once let me look at his P.A. I held his
big, soft dick in my hand as I looked at it from all sides. I didn't want
to let it go.Pretty soon after I lolita pre teen sex moved in with him, I found out that Dad was also a
nudist, but because of my sister he'd always worn clothes when we were
staying with him. His friends liked to hang around the house naked, too,
and it didn't take me any time to get with the program. He was never
embarrassed or shy about being a gay man, and they were always very playful
and affectionate with each other. Sometimes he'd just lay on the sofa or on
the floor with one of his friends and they'd hold each other while they
watched TV or a movie, and fondle each other's dicks and kiss and touch
each other. They never had outright sex, it was more just casual and
affectionate. Dad asked me more than once if I had a problem with that, and
I always told him I thought it was cool.On more than one occasion Dad would get in the Jacuzzi with one or two or
sometimes three of his friends, and a couple of times they'd get out and
just go into the kitchen and talk or something and sometimes be hard in
front of me. This of course always made me get hard, and it was great
because nobody really made a big deal about it, we'd just talk and joke
around like normal. But with hardons poking up at each other.Of course, they'd usually go into Dad's room eventually and he'd close the
door and they'd fuck or whatever. He made no excuses and I never expected
him to apologize. That's what gay guys do, but I have to admit it did make
me jealous because I was really hot to join them. I'd go into my room and
leave the door open and jack off thinking about what they were doing, and
about maybe getting caught. I fantasized that they would come into my room,
catch me jackiing off, and then throw me over their shoulders, march into
Dad's bedroom, tie me up, and fuck me.Since Dad had told me about his past, I had started to have some sex
fantasies about getting my wrists bound, and more and more I thought about
what it would be like to have Dad using his belt to tie me up and then I
would suck his cock or eat his ass and then he'd fuck me. I didn't tell him
all that, but I think he probably knew I was interested, because I kept
asking him questions about bondage.I started experimenting with some of my friends, and one time I had my
friend Stewart over and I had bound his wrists and stuffed his underwear in
his mouth. He was laying on the bed all hard, with his legs spread, and I
went out and told Dad to come in to look at him. I think Dad was a little
startled, but kind of laughed and said, "Just be careful. You okay Derek?"
and Derek nodded and laughed. I played with his cock and sat on his face
and sucked him, and then jacked him off. Then we traded turns.After we were done and Derek had gone home, I wanted to get dinner
started. I thought Dad must be in his room. I figured since the door was
open, if he was inside he'd just be watching TV or something. Now it was my
turn for a shock. Dad had some magazines spread out on the bed and he was
jacking off. When he saw me, he didn't stop or anything. Just casually
looked up and said "Hey. You guys finished already?" I was a little
stunned, then just sort of let out a big laugh, rolled my eyes, and turned
around and went into the kitchen. I wanted best lolitas bbs blog to go back in there so bad, but
didn't know whether he'd nude girls lolitas bbs
mind or not, so I just paced around the table for
awhile, hard as a rock.There's a lot more to tell if you want to know.
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